Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Working Environments

Multimedia Diploma Show
at Melaka Mall (11,12 & 13 April 2009)

Each second there can be a new beginning...
Wake up with a smile =) and go after life..

Live it..

Landscaping Day
(21 April 2009)
Taste it..Smell it
Enjoy it..Feel it..
Each blade of grass, each leaf, each separate floret and petal, is an inspiration speaking of HOPE..richard jefferies
(counting for the moneys =P)

Office hours

credit to: mamantaro

Monday, April 20, 2009

What is the Meaning About Life?

What life is really about.Life is something we all Experience but there is no specific way that we should enjoy it.Here are some guidelines that we should follow by to make our experience here on earth more enjoyable.

#1 - There are no rules

#2 - Remember #1

#3 - Challenges are walls and walls can be toppled or climbed over and it just determines how bad you want something.

#4 - If you give more you will receive more.

#5 - Never give up on a goal

#6 - Always do something that will make you happier or a better person
If you follow these guidelines you should start to feel better about your life.

I find that meditation helps me feel more relaxed so I can work on my problems with clear thoughts.


You must learn to treat everybody the same. If we do this than we could solve our problems with teamwork.
ALWAYS have fun. If your job makes you frustrated then see if there is another way to make it less frustrating or if that doesn't work look for a new job.

We have Life because it is meant for ENJOYMENT. Everything about life is for people to have a once in a lifetime chance at having the most fun possible!

Don't just look at something that you want to do and throw it away because of a price that is too high or you can't do it because of a fear. IF YOU NEVER DO SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE YOU WILL NEVER GAIN FROM EXPERIENCE.

Remember do what make you happy.

credit to:zackshredshow
p/s: to my hakim, gudluck PUPU...all the best!

mood saya kali ini,perlukan sedikit kata-kata semangat..hehe peace!!